Free to Pursue 2.0 Coming Soon!


As I first hinted in my previous blog post, I'm making changes to Free to Pursue by adding a new Books section to the site that goes beyond offering quotes from—and links to—books I've read and the occasional book-specific post on this, the main blog.

In this Books section of the site, as it becomes available, you'll find:

  • A blog dedicated to books, complete with book reviews and/or summaries
  • A permanent book-related sidebar including:
    • "Currently Reading" and "Just Finished" (already available)
    • Links to past book-related blog posts (already available)
    • Links to the sites I use to add to my book wish list
  • A list of Top 20 Life-Enhancing Books (currently shown as Top 12 Life-Enhancing Books)
  • Top Book Recommendations by category

These changes will be taking effect this July/August.

Want to keep track of the progress? 

I've added a temporary announcement bar at the top of the site to keep you up to date. You can also click on "Books" in the navigation section above to see the new links as they're added or revamped. You'll know the list of changes is complete once you're greeted with a new landing page for Free to Pursue, along with the disappearance of the announcement bar above. 

I'm thrilled to be upping the ante on how I share with you what I discover from cover to cover and from book to book.

Special thanks to Austin and team (especially Pete!) at Epic Launch for much of the feedback that has and is still helping me improve Free to Pursue in a number of ways.

Do you have any feedback for me? Please drop me a line below.