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Thank you for the wonderful session on scarcity! It gave me hope for change.
— Cristal
She provided a fresh, informative and thought-provoking approach on the subject of change. A very engaging speaker whose session feedback was overwhelmingly positive with everyone wanting more!

I would highly recommend it for organizations that are mindful of employee well being. This understanding may allow organizations to be more successful in managing change internally.
— Corporate Client
She accepted the challenge and fulfilled her commitment. She exceeded my expectations and over delivered. She was in control and I put my full trust in her experience and expertise.

I loved every minute of it and I would highly recommend her. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.
— Suzie Z. (client)
Hélène Massicotte is an excellent speaker and leader. Having seen and heard a half dozen presentations and been in several meetings led by her I am able wholeheartedly to recommend Hélène Massicotte. I have also had the opportunity to work alongside her on several projects.

Ms. Massicotte is committed to excellence in everything she takes on. She goes beyond expectations and achieves top quality results. She does so by disciplined and extensive background work and through her commitment to continuous high level learning and self-development in both knowledge and skill. Her talks are replete with current information, great insights and wisdom. She is an engaging, confident and well-prepared speaker and leader.

I have no reservations in recommending Hélène Massicotte. You personally and your organization will benefit from working with her.
— Cornelius B. (colleague)