Want to know more about the woman behind "Free to Pursue"?

Here it is, in all its glory! Did I miss anything of note? If so, please let me know.

How Hélène became Free to Pursue:

  • Started managing her family’s small business at the age of 19, after her father’s sudden passing. “The Puzzle Store”, a case study based on this business was published by NACRA and became part of the curriculum in a number or business schools across North America.
  • Gold medalist of her Executive MBA program at 23 years of age.
  • Got fired from her first job after her MBA and vowed never to let an employer determine her fate, which lead to the creation of The Burger Flipping Rule.
  • Left the corporate world April 2013 at the age of 37 and has not looked back since, despite a number of offers to reenter the rat race.
  • She and her husband took 10 years to build and finish a home in their twenties/early thirties in order to avoid becoming “house poor”.
  • Left behind a six-figure salary, leading to a loss of $100K in income to start working and living on her terms.
  • Discovered the online blogosphere and podcasts only after having left the rat race…these resources would have been helpful to know about! Apparently, she hadn’t yet embraced the online community beyond the tech/telecom fields.
  • Started FreetoPursue.com anonymously to share thoughts on the psychology of money and to challenge societal beliefs about money.
  • Has been featured on Rockstar Finance, Lifehacker, momondays, and the Your Life Unlimited podcast.
  • Increased the her household savings rate from 20% to over 50% despite having cut household income by half.
  • Has been a “professional blogger” for 3 years, but started writing 6 months before publishing her first post to ensure her blog was really going to be “a thing”. 403 post ideas later, she was convinced she’d stick with it for a while.
  • Became Curator of Books for Rockstar Finance and is on a mission to read 1,000 books. She’s over 250 already!
  • Became a professional speaker & consultant in the areas of business and lifestyle design after having been away from Corporate gigs for four years. 
  • Working on a book and finding out just how much coffee she can consume in the process (expected release 2017).     
  • Financially independent, she works on projects and businesses that interest her, including coaching (fitness, personal and business).
  • Feels grateful every day for the life she leads. She is the lucky recipient of many “pinch me” moments and looks forward to more.

Topics/activities she’s currently passionate about:

  • The importance of building up your “liquid courage”.
  • Reading. All types of books: big, small, long, short, but mostly non-fiction. Loves to quote and make recommendations to readers in posts and comments. 
  • Speaking to groups large and small about crafting a lifestyle, career and/or business that's right for you and doing so on your terms.
  • Becoming a member of the million dollar club.
  • Travel: why it matters, where to go and how to get the most out of it (hint: it doesn’t usually involve 5-star accommodations). Next destination? Dallas, TX.

Personal facts:

What happens when a photographer asks you to "be yourself".

What happens when a photographer asks you to "be yourself".

  • Married to a wonderful man & best friend affectionately known as Mr. F2P :)
  • Lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, located in the center of North America, but loves to SCUBA in remote places…not a convenient combination when it comes to getting to the coast…any coast.
  • Brain and brawn: holds both a MBA and a Kinesiology degree, quite a quirky combination!
  • Adrenaline junkie who enjoys skydiving, sport motorcycles (owned a CBF600F3 for over a decade!) and anything else that involves speed.
  • Lover of physical activity of all kinds: archery, gymnastics, biking in the snow, lifting heavy things, and once gave herself 1,000 burpees as a Christmas present…(yes, 1,000 seems to be a recurring theme).
  • Watcher of every new season of Netflix’s House of Cards...in a single sitting. It's either amazing dedication or a yet-to-be-diagnosed condition.
  • Proud owner of an ex-racer greyhound called Belle who helps foster other rescues from time to time.
  • Continues to work on controlling her periodic desire for more shoes.
  • Appreciates the opportunity to try new things. Bring it!