Over Three Hundred Books at a Glance


The image above offers a visual of the books I've read from April 2013 to March 2018. 

I find it an interesting reference, not only because it offers a bird's eye view of the collection, but because it provides a visual reference of:

  • What I've read and in what order.
  • The types of the selections I've made.
  • Some of my noted preferences (subject matter, authors, non-fiction versus fiction)

Some patterns become apparent:

  • An initial fascination with wealth accumulation and personal finance in general, which has remained an ongoing theme
  • Learning about Web design and blogging early on, which lead to the creation of this site
  • The occasional dive into the possibilities alternative lifestyles offer us (minimalism, entrepreneurship, tiny living, Stoicism)
  • Exploring the theories associated with behavioural economics, which was somewhat of an obsession for a while
  • Satisfying my curiosity in the area of the emergence and prominence of materialism
  • Learning about...learning itself and about the "self"
  • Discovering better ways to produce better work
  • Studying how to be a better reader and writer
  • Learning how to be a better human being

I'm sure there will be more themes that appear along the way and I'm excited to see where my curiosity and evolving interests take me throughout 2018 and beyond.