Live Life On Your Terms

I've been asked for some time whether or not I could provide some coaching to F2P readers looking to design a lifestyle that enables them to say "yes" to more of what they want. 

Well, I'm making it official, going from word-of-mouth referrals only to now letting everyone know I can be of assistance. 

If you've been feeling stuck or just want to talk out some potential or upcoming changes in your life, I'm here to help. Whether it be a potential career change, finances/financial independence, living more in line with your values or anything else you feel the itch to address, I can be your sounding board. Sometimes just talking it out with someone who's removed from the situation can do wonders.

Click on the image on the right to access an overview of how I might be able to help and how I go about offering the assistance you're looking for.


Want to find out whether we're a match? We can arrange a date and time to talk over a Skype call and see whether we might be able to work together to help you get to where you want to go. You can also get in touch with me via email, if that's your preference. 

Ready to move ahead?

In some cases, a few hours might be all you want or need to get yourself going in the right direction. In others, a few sessions spread out over a few weeks or months work best, offering much needed soak time.  Whatever the case may be, how much or how little is up to you. All that matters is that it suits your current needs. Contact me and let me know how you'd like us to work together and your availability to help us schedule our first meeting.