Book Review: "One Bed, One Bank Account"

What's my rating for "One Bed, One Bank Account"?

I gave the book a 3 out of 5 Rockstar rating.

Who likes to have “the talks” with their significant other, especially “the money talks”? If I were asking this question in a room full of people, how many hands would go up? Many of us would rather go for a root canal!

[I]f the fuel level in your car is low, it’s okay. We can fix that. But if your gauge is broken (no communication), there could be big, bad surprises ahead.
— Derek Olsen, One Bed, One Bank Account, p. 13-14.

There’s strong evidence that communication deteriorates over the duration of a relationship, and that this deterioration is fueled by this nasty little thing called assumptions – we think we know what our spouse thinks, likes, wants and we don’t bother to check if it’s still true. That’s why books such as “One Bed, One Bank Account” are so important in reminding us of the benefits of having these conversations, not just once but as an ongoing endeavor.

Derek and Carrie focus not only on some of the benefits we can derive from making the effort of having these conversations (developing a shared understanding, having common goals, etc.) but they help us understand how we can successfully have them and what we should do with the output.

Here are some of their key takeaways:

  1. The approach we take when we have money and other challenging conversations matters
  2. Rules make the process more effective
  3. The debrief and taking care of the output (including setting boundaries and restrictions) makes the desired changes stick

To find out more about the book, read my full review here.

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