The Best Birthday Gift Ever

Mr. F2P and I don't exchange birthday or Christmas gifts anymore. In large part, it's because we do things for each other and because when we want or need something, we just buy it...and we don't tend to want or need very much.

This year has been a bit different. Well, just by a smidgen.

This year, Mr. F2P did something very thoughtful, aside from cooking a beautiful steak on the BBQ for me.* Without telling me, he repaired with care a travel mug that I thought was long gone. 

Why would I be so thrilled about a travel mug? Because it was my all-time favourite. This 14oz beauty had been my go-to mug for years. It fit perfectly in my hand and the bevelled edge made it perfect for drinking (no dribbling down my chin due to a poor design like some other mugs of the past). Plus, it featured a thick rubber mid-section to keep me from burning my hand. The white ceramic? Loved it. It was chic, minimalist AND functional, perfect for home and for the office.

I use the past tense because that's how I thought of it, until two days ago when I found it waiting for me on the kitchen counter.

It looks the same to me, except for the black stripe it now sports where the cracked ceramic used to be. (Unfortunately, the mug cracked over time because of my continued heavy use over such a long period of time.)

This gift, which I'm using right now as I type up this article, means more than just about anything else he could have done or purchased for me. It shows thoughtfulness, caring and regard for my feelings.

That's what brought tears to my eyes. It still does now that a few days have gone by and it likely will as long as I can keep using it.

And use it I will! It feels like I haven't missed a beat with this old friend. It's pleasantly familiar.

This mug, though some might consider it silly of me, is quickly becoming a symbol, an important reminder of what I mean to him and what he means to me. And that makes it one of my most cherished possessions. 


*I'm terrified of BBQs, but that's a story for another day. Let me know in the comments if you want to hear more about that.