Book Review: "Will It Fly?"

What's my rating for "Will It Fly?"?

I gave the book a 4.5 out of 5 Rockstar rating.

I’m going to fess up right now: as an entrepreneur, I tend to dislike entrepreneurship/business “how to” books. “How to” books for technical stuff? Sure, but when it comes to business, they make me shudder because they dehumanize the topic.

That’s why I usually put off reading these types of books for months—if not years—after receiving them at conferences or via other means. For some reason, I read “Will It Fly?” within a month of receiving it. And I’m glad I did because if anyone had asked me what I would want out of a “how to” book for entrepreneurs, this would be it.

Here’s what makes Flynn’s book stand out from boiler-plate-style books on business/entrepreneurship. Pat:

  1. Hones in on matching up what we’re good at as individuals with what businesses we say we want to build
  2. Shares his personal triumphs as well as his blunders
  3. Views a decision not to proceed as a success, that is when the reasons are not fear-based
  4. Systematically explains why the research around fit and feasibility is the most important part of the process of setting up a business, a topic business books often gloss over
  5. Differentiates between useful feedback and noise
  6. Focuses on the customer (understanding the customer, communicating with the customer and nurturing a strong relationship with core customers)

To find out more about the book and my thoughts about it, read my full review here.

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