Book Review: "Deep Work"

Want to know what Free to Pursue thinks about Cal Newport's book "Deep Work"?

I gave the book a 5 out of 5 Rockstar rating.

Author Cal Newport uses top insights from highly-respected sources to drive home the point that deep concentration is going the way of the dodo bird in a society increasingly focused on immediacy and that harnessing and developing this ability further leads to both a personal competitive advantage and a happier life.

First, Cal identifies why we should care about deep work by stating and expanding on its advantages. Deep work:

  • Is increasingly valuable in a society that seems to live in the shallows most of the time. 
  • Is growing increasingly rare, thanks to our ever more fragmented time and attention. 
  • Leads to living a more meaningful life because there is something deeply satisfying, even meditative, about losing ourselves in deep work that is aligned with our strengths, abilities and preferences.

To Cal, a shallow life is an unhappy life.

Having clearly explained the benefits of developing our ability to do deep work, the author then provides the tools and guidelines that can help us be successful in doing more of it.

Here are the rules:

  1. Work deeply
  2. Embrace boredom
  3. Quit social media
  4. Drain the shallows

To find out more about the book and my thoughts about it, read my full review here and/or watch my video summary of the book by clicking on the video below. 

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