Book Review: "Your Money or Your Life"


Want to know what Free to Pursue thinks about Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez's book "Your Money or Your Life"?

I gave the book a 5 out of 5 Rockstar rating.

Vicki and Joe invite us to rethink how we invest our time and our money in this powerful and transformative book. 

Here's a quick overview of what the authors walk readers through to enables us to reframe how we think about time and money:

  1. Where We've Been: Gaining an understanding of how much money we've spent in our lifetimes and evaluating our return thus far in the form of life satisfaction.
  2. Where We Are: Evaluating the magnitude and quality of our current spending to determine whether we’re maximizing how we use our life energy (0ur most precious resource).
  3. Where We're Going: Measuring our self-sufficiency by tracking our progress toward financial independence and beyond.

If you want to stop having to work for “The Man” sooner than later, YMOYL is a must read. It’s a powerful book and should be part of every person’s lifetime curriculum.

To know more about the book, read my full review here.