What Does "Doing the Work" Mean?

I’m pleased to say that my blog post for today is located on The Escape Artist's blog: theescapeartist.me. TEA is a UK-based blogger I’ve enjoyed collaborating with over the last few years. His writing is edgy and thought provoking, so much so that he's made it on to the F2P Blog Roll (see sidebar).

If you want to read some of his work right here on Free to Pursue, you can check out his Guest Post: Have You Found Your Tribe?

Sneak peek of the article:

It’s 4:45am and I’m sitting in the same coffee shop where I started writing three years ago. It’s also about the same time of the day when I used to come here (thank heaven for 24hr shops) because I couldn’t sleep. What got me up then is the same thing that got me up this morning: a drive, an itch, a deep desire to explore and share ideas with others that might cause us all to wake up to the reality that the way the majority of us currently live is not the way it has to be,  should be.
The idea? The itch? Here’s the thesis:
In most areas of life, we don’t do the work anymore.

Want to read more? Check out the entire post here.

Image credit/copyright: nuttakit/freedigitalphotos.net