Christmas Eve - Reflection Time

"T’was the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a..." blogger?

OK. Yes. I’ve stirred this morning, but only to start a fire to warm up our home and to make myself a coffee to warm up and wake up this body of mine.


Christmas’s Eve, or la veille de Noël as I said growing up, is a special time. It’s full of anticipation but that’s not the reason it's so special. It’s the quiet.

It’s a time to think about anything we want to think about. Many of us take the opportunity reflect on how grateful we feel, probably because it feels so right. I want to take this time to do just that with you.

A Dozen Reasons to Be Grateful

I’m grateful for…

  • Relationships: a family that loves me, for deep friendships that make me a better person and for our greyt dog(s) who remind us regularly of what matters most. 
  • Our home for helping us feel secure and for all the creature comforts it contains. 
  • The resources that allow me to pursue my passions in life and to help others do the same.
  • The authors who take the time to write the books and online resources I enjoy. Their work helps create a growing universe of ideas, too vast for any of us to absorb,  and that's a wonderful problem to have. They help me be a better, more considerate, person in all aspects of life.
  • An upbringing that encouraged me to venture out into the world and try new things.
  • Time; for experiences that remind me that life is precious and can be cut short.
  • The health and strength that enables me to fully experience the world through travel and play.
  • Being willing and able to learn, and patient enough to tackle larger projects.
  • The ability to feel: sorrow, joy, pride, fear, anticipation, apprehension, courage, resolve, pleasure, pain…
  • The desire to write. It’s a salve for the soul. It allows us to express ourselves, to see our thoughts and feelings change over time. It enables us to work out what it is that we think. It allows us to communicate effectively, even thoughtfully, when we take the time to do it.
  • The ability to notice, when I'm mindful enough to do so, the beauty of everyday experiences.
  • The gift of imagination; the ability to dream, to wonder "what if".
IMG_7189 2.jpg

I hope you’re carving out a little reflection time of your own to think about your own list. The activity leaves us with the wonderful feeling that accompanies (re)discovering how fortunate we are.

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël! Félis Navidad! 

Happy Holidays to all! I wish you everything that makes life amazing.