The Terrific Twos - Happy Anniversary F2P!


It’s official, Free to Pursue is a toddler, though some might call it a teenager, given the short lifespan for blogs in general.

I wiped my brow when F2P made it to its first anniversary but I’m pleased to say that it’s now a going concern—translation: I can picture myself putting pen to paper for years to come. A big contributor to this longer term vision is YOU. By reading, commenting, subscribing, sharing, spotlighting and contributing, you fuel the content featured here. Through your actions, I learn what resonates with you, what you struggle with or love to think about. I appreciate that connection more than I can possibly express.  

Thank You for Another Great Year

The list of people in the blogosphere I need to thank is growing exponentially. I’m grateful to have so many people willing to lend a hand, enabling me to keep learning and improving (bloggers, content curators, authors, podcasters, journalists, artists). To all who help me grow by enriching my life and my work, thank you.

Looking Forward

I’m excited to get started on year three and the wheels are turning as an increasing number of opportunities for F2P’s evolution present themselves. However, this excitement is tempered by the wish to ensure we don’t lose that je ne sais quoi, that indescribable stuff that makes something just work.

I'm All Ears

What do you think? What makes F2P "work"? What makes F2P worth reading? What should there be more of? Less of? I'm all ears.

No matter how this toddler evolves, I promise to fiercely protect what gives it its unique personality, while having fun every step of the way.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride as we discover what 2016 has in store.



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