Ignite! - The FinCon Experience

I am finally here, attending my first FinCon. And. It. Is. AMAZING!

What an opportunity to spend a whole weekend with people who share many similar experiences and who are just plain wonderful. I've met dozens of people so far: bloggers, podcasters, folks who work in finance, folks who know they want to do "something" online but not sure yet what that looks like, writers, speakers, and many others who, well, defy any sort of categorization (you know who you are).

It's been a memorable first 24hrs, from being seated next to a fellow blogger on the plane from Toronto, Canada to NOLA (hey Martin), to meeting my awesome roommate (hey Kassandra), to attending a kicka** kickoff reception, to sharing a drink with fellow speakers at Ignite FinCon, to hitting the final note in this crescendo:

Delivering my Spark presentation! Woot woot!

If you ever have a chance to deliver a Spark presentation at an Ignite event, DO IT! It was a wonderful experience.

My topic? Surviving an African Safari - something I've talked about a few times on this blog already: here, here, here and here.

The event went down like this:

  • I got to the venue (Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar and Restaurant) with a few other attendees. (Thanks for getting us there Joe.)
  • Got myself a glass of wine (adult beverages are a big part of this conference, as I am finding out).
  • Met all the speakers - wonderful people who are as crazy as I am for signing up sight unseen (high five you guys).
  • Mingled with some great folks, many who I follow and admire like Mr. & Mrs. MMM & J. Money.
  • Being nearly last on the roster, watched my fellow speakers, which made me more nervous because, well, they rocked!
  • Finally got up there and did my thing...OMG!!!

Here was the kicker...once I got called to the mic, I was...FINE! The experience was wonderful and I had such a great time. I say this now not having seen the video yet (yes, it'll end up on YouTube - YIKES). I thank to PT and Eric for ensuring Ignite is part of FinCon. If the rest of the conference is "just ok" (yeah right), that experience alone has already made this event a memorable one.