My 2014-2015 Reading List - First Quarter

Back in April, I posted my reading list from the first year away from my corporate job. I thought it might be of interest, given that what I read often influences my writing and my tweets. In fact, my tweets often reference or quote what I'm reading at any given time.

Well, the previous year's list was well received, so much so that I decided to release this year's list as a running quarterly tally. I think it might be more fun that way.

I don't necessarily endorse the books listed below. They're just the full list of what piqued my interest sufficiently to start, and finish, reading them cover to cover. If they become favourites, then I'll add them to my recommendations.*

My focus this year is to add more fiction, read in my native tongue (French) and keep reading in the areas of philosophy, psychology, finance, economics, writing/presenting, entrepreneurship, travel hacking, technology and health. I'm also reading some reference books in preparation for my upcoming trips this summer: the World Domination Summit in July and an African Safari in August. 

So far, I've managed to hit most of the topics on my list, though my book wish list seems to be growing almost daily, thanks to recommendations from trusted sources. If this trend keeps up, I may never get to the end of my reading list...and I am sooooooo OK with that.

A number of the books on my "been there, done that, read the book" list so far this year were recommended by Chris Guillebeau, Eric Barker, J. Money, Mr. Grump and Merlin Mann. I'm grateful for the suggestions because the number of books across various subjects is astounding and, though many of us would like to, we just can't read them all (see clearly-articulated challenge in the previous paragraph). I also tend to read books by authors who presented a Ted Talk that either captured my imagination or made me too curious to leave a given topic alone. 

Here's my reading list** for the past three months, from earliest to most recently read:




As you see from the list above, I made my way through 21 books so far this year, but that will slow down as we get into the summer months. With travel and gardening calling to me, my focus is being redirected to other worthwhile pursuits. No matter the volume(s) read, I will post another update at the end of September.

For now, I wish you happy reading. If you have any questions about the titles above, drop me a line or leave a comment. I'll be happy to give you my 2-cents' worth.

What about you? What are your personal favourites? Anything in the list above you loved? Hated? Any recommendations you might have that I can add to my never-ending future reading list?

*My recommendations list does need to be updated. I'll get to it over the summer...when I don't spend as much time with my nose in a book and can think back on what I've been reading and see what bubbles to the top in my mind. It's a tough exercise. There are many noteworthy books to choose from. 

**The list contains affiliate links to Purchases made via these links help support the F2P blog. It does not cost you anything and helps cover ongoing expenses associated with maintaining this blog. Thank you for your support. 

***This one is a children's book, but the pictures are spectacular. A delight to read.

Image credit/copyright: Maglara/Shutterstock