A Little Gratitude...

Gratitude is powerful. It costs nothing, yet improves our general outlook almost instantly. Its practice can become a habit if we focus on it every day as a way to increase our general happiness.

So, I'll take the opportunity to give thanks for the 10 things I'm most grateful for and I invite you to do the same.

Oh, come on...It'll make you feel all "warm and fuzzy", just as reading Mrs. Frugalwoods' list did for me earlier this week.

Here it is...

Husband: He brings me joy and comfort on a daily basis. He is everything I'm not, the yang to by yin, and I love him for it.

Friends and family: Family can be difficult to work with sometimes but when it comes down to it, family is what we gravitate to when we want to (re)connect most with ourselves. Family is where we come from, it's an extension of us and we are an extension of it. To nurture family bonds is to recognize and respect who we are. 

Our friends is the family you choose. Those we seek out and spend your precious time with. The best friends help each other grow as individuals. The best friends are those who are not fearful of asking the tough questions we don't want to or are afraid of asking ourselves. It sometimes feels like they know us better than we know ourselves. Friends stand the test of time. 

Health: I feel lucky every day that I can go for a walk or bike ride, that I can lift heavy things and that I can use my body to go our and play, explore the world. I feel grateful that I don't have to take any medications and that I can sleep soundly. I'm also grateful that I have access to a health care system that will be there if something happens to me and that I do need the help.

Independence: It's the best gift I have ever given myself. I love being able to dictate how I spend my time. I cherish it every single day and can't imagine putting myself in a position that would cause me to lose it.

Greyt Dog: Belle is a wonderful creature. I appreciate her presence in our life. She helps me stay grounded because she asks for and needs so little to be content. Her very basic wants and desires help put mine into perspective: connection, safety, water, food, warmth, exercise and everything else is just gravy...including treats. Belle has turned me into a "dog person". It's hard to imagine not having her around.

Home: We're lucky to have a roof over our heads that is secure, located in a friendly neighbourhood, ridiculously comfortable and that serves as a place to welcome others on a nearly-daily basis. I also appreciate it as a space to connect, dream, create, laugh, cry and sometimes disconnect from the outside world, if only for a while. 

Internet Access: The power of connection has fundamentally changed what it is to experience life over the last twenty years. I'm thankful for the greater ability to forge relationships with others across the world, for the wealth of information I have at my fingertips, for the time and resource savings many online services provide, AND for the opportunity to start this very blog!

Great Food: I'm grateful that we have the means to buy, store and prepare great food. Food is a definite source of joy and good health in our life and the idea that I would not be able to enjoy and share delicious homemade food is not one that I care to entertain (pun intended).

Access to Transportation: Transportation services brings much of the world to my doorstep. I can travel the city, the province, the country or the world thanks to shared transportation. Subsidized public transportation has made education more accessible to me, has helped me make good choices and has helped me get home safely when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Access to Public Services: I'm grateful for what my city & province offers me: libraries, numerous public parks, swimming pools & fitness centres, bike and walking trails, museums, art galleries, many free events and workshops, safe drinking water, trash and recycling pick up, and police, fire and paramedic services. These services make entertainment, learning and basic necessities of life readily available. They add greatly to my quality of life, as I make use of many of them on a daily basis.

What about you? What are you grateful for?